Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Local Artist in Local Museum Shocker

On show at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery here in Preston at the moment is an exhibition by Lubaina Himid - one of the Secret Preston Artists (see March entry on the blog).

Moments That Matter is an exhibition of paintings revealing the hidden contribution of 45 individuals to the Olympics. There are also banners in some of the empty shop windows in the city too. The exhibition runs until 3rd November and is free.

Vibrant and beautiful, Lubaina's exhibition makes an interesting addition to an otherwise fairly dull contemporary art program this year because of the funding cuts and lack of imagination.
With the unshakable policy of 'ignore local artists and hopefully they'll get bored and go away' it makes a refreshing change to see the Harris Museum showing the work of a local artist (Lubaina Himid lives and works here in the city). Has the Harris Museum finally realised there are some cracking good international, local artists?

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