Wednesday, 3 April 2013

End of the SPA project

The exhibition last week marked the end of the Secret Preston Art project.

Since January 2012 twelve different artists were asked to contribute to Secret Preston Art. 
Their artworks were made into a limited edition card that was given out for free in a number of venues in Preston city centre to whoever found them. Each edition was limited to 100.
Maybe some of the cards are now lost, maybe some are treasured - but each card was given out as a little gift to celebrate an obscure festival held here every 20 years called the Preston Guild.

The Secret Preston Art project could not have happened without the twelve artists being involved and giving their time - and so the biggest thank-you goes to them all. Each artist made beautiful, incredible artworks especially for Preston - how wonderful is that? 

Here are the 12 artworks that were made into the limited edition cards:

Michael Lewy:

Mark Dion:
Lubaina Himid:

Thomas Saible:

Adrianne Neil:

Katie Holten:

Hemali Bhuta:

Toby Paterson:

David Nash:

Alec Finlay with Hanna Tuulikki:


Urs Luethi:

For more information on the individual artists please scroll down the SPA blog - we've put links to their websites and galleries so you can find out more about their work.