Tuesday, 17 January 2012

January 2012 - Michael Lewy

Michael Lewy is the first SPA artist!

Lewy lives and works in Boston Massachusetts, USA and uses photography, illustration and painting in his work. 

Lewy says:

What is the first question people ask when they meet you for the first time?

"What do you do for a living?" 
I am interested in how what we do defines us and how our ideas of success and failure shape our culture. After receiving my MFA in 1996 I began working in an office in an administrative capacity. I have been there ever since. Office work is not my chosen profession but a way to make a living.

I started constructing City of Work in 2006 as a way to distill these ideas. I am constructing the City of Work by using photography, video, and computer graphics. I use blueprints to create a plan of the city.  
I have also created several different characters that I portray of different archetypes that live in the city. They are as follows: Office worker, Ceo of Omnipresent Industries , Scientist of the Human Potential Institute and a Laborer who works in the under bowels of the city. I am trying to create a detailed world of this corporate dystopia where work is all consuming. 
In this City of Work, vacations are given by lottery, jobs are determined by the Human Potential Institute and it is illegal to be unemployed. 
Its motto is "If you worked here you would be home by now".

Lewy has shown work in Boston, New York, Atlanta and Berkeley and is currently showing work at Carrroll and Sons in Boston, Massachusetts until February 18th

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