Monday, 5 March 2012

What's Theg

You may well ask "what's theg?"

Well, every 20 years there is a festival here in Preston called the Guild. Apparently the first one was in 1179 and it's been going ever since.

And 2012 is a Guild year - hooray!

We are knee deep here in Preston with bunting and flags celebrating a festival that only seems to celebrate past Guilds. Nobody is sure of its identity or relevance, but what the hell: lets get all the community groups of Preston to dress up and ride a float around town and in 20 years time we can reminisce and laugh at everyones outfits and funny hairstyles.

It's because of the Guild (and in spite of it) that the Secret Preston Art project was conceived. Each of the SPA team was born in a Guild year and within the sound of a Ribble Bus horn from the top of the bus station. Even with this strict criteria, there are 5 members in total (2 aged 20, 2 in their 40th year and one aged 60).

So, for each month during this historic year we are producing a free edition of 100 postcards.
It goes without saying that all the Mark Dion cards are now gone... but have no fear, the March edition has come back from the printers and is being stamped and packed as we speak. It should be ready and available in the different venues sometime during this week....

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